Young Mister is songwriter Steven Fiore, sometimes accompanied by a band of talented musicians from across the southeast United States. As a songwriter, Fiore has spent many years building a fan base along both coasts, touring with Jay Clifford (Jump Little Children), Slow Runner, and even regularly performing as a guest vocalist in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band in Los Angeles. After spending 6 years writing with Universal Music Publishing Group, Fiore is now shedding his skin and stretching into new musical territory as Young Mister. Shortly after the release of the debut self titled LP in June of last year, YM hit the road for the first time in 5 years and has continued to tour the US playing both songs from the album and new material from the next full length release, due out sometime in 2018.

In the meantime, Young Mister is set to release an EP with BMG in late October. This short collection of minimally produced ballads is appropriately titled, "Soft Rock". Fiore will tour solo in Europe during the month of November to support the release. 


"There was a time when an album like this, which showcases songs built and layered to their fullest potential, would have been a platinum selling LP. Instead of living in the past, Young Mister does a brilliant job of taking an Americana sound and filling it with plenty of modern ingredients. You most likely have not heard of this album yet, but now that you have, there’s no excuse not to listen to eight songs which have been put together that can hold their own against any other group of recorded tunes released in 2016. You’re welcome." - "Young Mister subtly released one of the best albums of 2016", AXS 

"Gentle, sincere, and built with a strong hook, the track sees him imagining a hopeful future together with his loved one.  
"Young Mister premiere endearing new song 'Pasadena'", Consequence of Sound

"Young Mister strike a rare balance between energetic yet considered songwriting and accessibility to a myriad of different listeners."
In short, it’s just a fun album to listen to.
-  PopMatters


Young Mister, "Soft Rock" | BMG Production Music 2017

Young Mister, "Soft Rock" | BMG Production Music 2017

Young Mister, "YOUNG MISTER" | Refresh Records 2016

Young Mister, "YOUNG MISTER" | Refresh Records 2016

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Live from Relix.