The Best Part

I didn't mean to sleep in so late
And miss your phone calls this morning
You said your car stalled on the interstate
Well I hope you got where you were going

'Cause I'm not a hero
I've never been that way
But I'm still here though
And at the end of the day

I'll leave the light on despite every shot that you take
And I'm going to try to make since of my stupid mistakes
If you need a reason to believe why I feel this way
I just want to be with you babe

Sometimes it feels like nobody wins
When I am pushing, you are pulling
You see it coming before it begins
And I can tell where this is going

'Cause it's always
Something new with you and me
I've got my guard up
And we're just waiting to swing

I wish I bought flowers
I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart
Come closer, feel better
This is the best part

(I'll leave the light on)

Would it Kill You?

Have you ever noticed
That you're the only one in the room
With ill words for everything
What a waste of breath and feelings

And isn't it so obvious
When everybody tunes you out
Maybe listen when your friends say
Keep it to yourself until it goes away

Would it kill you to be happy for just one day
Doesn't matter how bad
The songs are on the radio
Your mind's blown, we get it  
It's white noise, it's static

But it can't be all sad
There's something to smile about
And maybe, you just might
Push a little further, it'll be alright

Would it kill you to be happy for just one night

The buzzkill tone of your voice is such an awful sound
But it's perfectly aligned with your thoughts about
How the fucked up systems failed you now
Why don't you open up a cold one and calm down

So get your pen and paper
And your telecaster set
With the spring verb and the mid tones
Your song's got heart but weak bones

Would it kill you to be happy and just leave the shit alone

American Dream Come True

The Colors of Colorado
Wizardly white and light green
Ripped up t-shirts, punk rock bands in the basement
Restless and seventeen

‘Cause there’s always tomorrow
To do everything, did you know
That yesterday was your last chance
To take it slow

Little red shed in the back yard
A place for the garden tools
Trade New York City for somewhere outside of Boston
It’s the American dream come true

The summer sky surrenders to fall
The autumn air gives way to the cold
So on and so forth they say
Somewhere between go and stay
There’s a place pretty close to the ground
Where you can settle without settling down


What a predictable moment
The songbird leaves its nest
With a dream and a heavy chest
Writing winded words to the clouds out west
Is it for the best

Who knows if it was the right thing
Maybe I’m crazy in advance
Leaving my love in the arms of chance
Keep in mind I will never be anyone else’s trusted or lusted hand

And as I fly away into the light of the sun
This isn’t the end my darling, little star
We’ve only begun
When LA chews me up and spits me back out into the sky
I know I’ll land next to you, in Carolina

Dear Jesus, I know that I have been a stranger as of late
But I come know in seek of your grace
‘Cause it’s times like these
That I need to believe in your name

Won’t you keep her protected
Keep her well inside the lines
And warm in troubled times
And if she meets someone new
May he be the best man you’ve ever designed

Anybody Out There

Isn’t it always like this
God curse my heavy hands
Holding you down with one
And holding you back with the other, then…

Here comes the sound of silence
Signaling the curtain call
Believe me now is the moment
To fill the holes in the wall

Slow down and steady the movement
Stay back I can’t get through
Fast track the rash decisions
I’m leaving it up to you

But isn’t there something we can both do?

Is there anybody out there brave enough
Is there anybody out there looking for the same kind of love
Is there anybody out there who knows what I mean
Is there anybody out there for me

We twist we turn to the rhythm
I’ll never understand
What makes the chemicals balanced
What makes a good man bend

It’s alright its human nature
The struggle to heed the signs
Still there’s this burning question
I can see it in your eyes

Are we finally thinking the same thing at the same time

Everything Has its Place

Everything has its place
It is certain to me now
Wild and arranged
We were built for the same purpose somehow

Every word in the world
Could join hands and sing
And still fall short of ever

As sure as a ring goes with a hand
Stars with the moon
Just like the ocean pairs well with the sand
I go with you

Simple rhymes my valentine
Now and until
Science prevails, the atmosphere fails
And the earth is frozen still

Everything has its place
It is certain to me now
Wild and arranged
We were built for the same purpose somehow

Take Me Away

I remember looking forward to it
Throwing back the whiskey in rounds
Warming up my body for a typical night on the town

Then Iwas talking to a friend of a friend
While my peripherals were eyeing the door
I’ve never felt so lonely around so many people before

I don’t know how
They can talk over music so loud
I feel like just another face in the crowd
Can someone tell the DJ to settle down

I’m out twelve dollars and change
For a couple of ounces of something that will make me feel strange
What am I doing here
Please, love of my life
Wont you hurry, come and take me away

Now I’m just one more overdressed passenger
On the train back to the valley from Vine
Wondering if any of the others left for the same reason at the same time


Sleepwalking on a silver screen
West Valley suburban machine
New disaster and you know what I mean
Let me hold you, let me hold you 

So we ride to where the noises fade
Past where the cocaine calvary hangs
We hear them laughing through the window panes
And I know you, yeah I know you… 

Wanna get out, start again
You know I understand

Can we buy a little place in Pasadena
Some space to pass the time
What’s it gonna take my ballerina
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine 

Stay a while, maybe break my seal
Sweet talk me into something real
It’s all a blur, do you know how it feels
Let me show you, let me show you 

We’re gonna make it out alive
Through all the tangled jungle vines
Count on me honey, keep your eye on the prize
Let me hold you, let me hold you. 

I wanna get out of the sand
Lady take my hand

You come running when I need you to
It’s all the same when it’s win or lose
You share the blame even when it’s my fault 

Hey, let’s talk about a plan of escape
We haven’t got much time left to waste
I can’t wait any longer, any longer